Reproductive systems of fish, divided in two ways

Reproductive systems of fish, divided in two ways.
  1. To separate reproductive sex The manner in which males produce sperm and females produce fish ovary At a reasonable time. Or spawning season. I will be breeding together. This process is found throughout the Aquarium beyond.
  2. To a reproduction hermaphrodite Fish is the only style but with two fish types can not be gender increase productivity in themselves. Reproduction and this has very small in the beginning will be male. Later, the female began to alter.
  3. How the reproduction not be mixed. Manner in which fish are born without infection, but growth of male fish female The infection of the male is only stimulate egg. There can be no reproduction of male fish from the same species.
To view the style sex
Before you start breeding aquarium fish They must learn to separate sex Aquarium correct first. Otherwise, the breeding won't work. Fish made some small gender separation appeared different some can basically separate sex. Gender separation is often used to separate by sex according to outside morphology of the fish are observed.
  • Fish females.
  1. Pom looks short Rounded than males.
  2. The size is large
  3. dorsal fin and short ears.
  4. pale or colorless.
  5. in the work of the breeding season, the stomach is elevated.
  6. Gender will round Ting short
  • Males.
  1. the body will be smaller than females.
  2. dorsal fin rays and ears to see a long slender and twisted a special
  3. a colorful.
  4. In the case of males the antennae are longer than female antennae.
  5. Ting gender outreach to see a sharp
Season the fish spawn.
Fish spawning season is not all that definite. Depending on whether the body growth fully reproductive process is prepared. When the environment is right to start with spawn And it will be like this all year. Fish produce the earlier the fish guppy fish, fish, etc. This type of insert has a kid in the 3-4 month period beyond the spawning season, they observed males from females, fish trap or fish for some mouth kiss. together. Shows the breeding pair spawning. This is natural behavior. But now science has advanced up to the signs and encourage fish spawning pairs organized. Based on the following factors involved.
  1. To adjust the water temperature suitable for spawning of some fish species. The temperature of the water right is thought about to be important factors.
  2. The food is filled with nutrient requirements of fish.
  3. Tool to stimulate the spawning of fish, each species is different. Such as spawning fish like the water next to plants such as Fish Pom Dua Spa's goldfish, etc. If they do not qualify for water plants to keep the fish eggs cooked how I won't lay eggs. Some fish like rain Some fish, like freshwater. Therefore, they must study the Aquarium each fair fortune to nice.
  4. Fish of the opposite sex. Is one factor to encourage spawning as females. Will stimulate the male sperm production, such as fish bites, etc..
  5. Features density breeder breeder If the breeder and the breeder is much Although eggs and sperm are full. These fish won't breed together. Because ecosystem inappropriate

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